Future Project Ideas

Here are some of the projects we have thought about. Some of these are long-term goals and others we are actively working on. The current projects are bolded.

If you have any ideas, events, or input we’d love to hear from you.

  • Work with NCSU Sustainability office to make the CVM campus more sustainable (improve waste management, decrease water usage, decrease unnecessary resource use, plant local plant species and a community garden, develop pollinator garden, etc.)
  • Establish a gym on CVM campus to promote student, staff, and faculty health
  • Improve the quality and healthiness of food offered at the CVM cafeteria
  • Participate/help host the EHS Vector-borne disease awareness week at NCSU main campus
  • Hold a events at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences (One Health trivia night, window on science presentations, etc.)
  • Participate in NCSU CVM open house
  • One Health Movie nights
  • Dog-Jog event to promote human and animal exercise/health (possibly collaborate with Wake County SPCA)
  • Establishing pollinator/wildlife spaces
  • Plant a community garden
  • Hold a one health fair for the community (include skill share workshops)
  • Student shaddowing exchanges between local medical schools and veterinary school
  • Participate in SAVMA One Health competition (aid in Josh Project)
  • Invite speakers with One Health interests to give talks on campus
  • Foster collaboration among different student groups within NCSU CVM and main campus (ex: joint lunch meetings between clubs, more collaboration with main campus research and events, working with undergraduates)
  • Knowledge exchange with human medical schools (ex: human medicine speakers talk to vet students and veterinarians talk to med students, event where medical schools learn some vet med and vet school learns some human medicine)
  • Work with local organizations to make veterinary students more aware of events, research, etc. (including working with wildlife and public health groups)
  • Social events between different departments and schools (ex: mixers, Duke v. UNC v. NCSU volleyball tournament)
  • Promote the One Health Seminars at NC Biotechnology Center (ex: establish carpool, advertise)
  • Create a forum where students can talk about their One Health Ideas (facebook page)
  • Establish animal clinics at medical schools

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